Monday, 26 September 2011

Big Success for the Reading

150 people showed up Saturday afternoon, in an apocalyptic downpour, to attend the book launch of '27 Views of Chapel Hill' at Flyleaf Books. True, there were 12 of us authors taking turns to read excerpts from our contribution to the book- not to mention the authors in the audience. Still, it's true what Daniel Wallace (of Big Fish fame) remarked: you can't swing a cat in Chapel Hill without hitting an author- or at least a reader. After all, Chapel Hill is reputed to have the highest Ph.D. per capita of any town in the U.S. And Chapel Hillians, native or adoptive, are very proud of their town and its mythology.
Between the super-efficient editors and bookshop owners, the event was conducted at a brisk pace, and the diversity of the authors kept things lively. My reading was probably one of the rare serious pieces, but I got very kind feedback afterward. 

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